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  • [orca-list] Small bug when using BRLTTY in a graphical terminal, Sébastien Hinderer
  • [orca-list] Orca and the gnome shell portal., Hwaen Ch'uqi
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  • [orca-list] how to obtain Orca master in Ubuntu 22.04?, Milton
  • [orca-list] Cannot scroll through chat list in Whatsapp web, Edhoari Setiyoso
  • [orca-list] Inaccessibility of Gdm 42.0, Jason White
  • [orca-list] Ubuntu 22.04 with Orca and gnome 42, Milton
  • [orca-list] installer Ubuntu 22.04 is accessible, Milton
  • [orca-list] orca a feature to have a sleep mode for apps?, majid hussain
  • [orca-list] GTK4 breaks flat review, Peter Vágner
  • [orca-list] Dualbooting Linux and Windows, Devin Prater
  • [orca-list] LibreOffice and orca: moving to headings, links, tables etc., John J Herzog
  • [orca-list] bug: smplayer applications flood orca when they exit, Jérémy Prego
  • [orca-list] Orca Master in Linux Mint, Vojtech šmiro
  • Re: [orca-list] Sound events for Orca, chrys
  • [orca-list] Gnome 44, Peter Vágner
  • [orca-list] Reading PDF files with Orca, Ali Savas
  • [orca-list] Screenreader Accessibility Testers for Ubuntu, Monica Ayhens-Madon
  • [orca-list] accessibility of dino instant messenger?, Chris Brannon
  • [orca-list] Orca Firefox combination freezes on google meet, kk's Programming Hub
  • [orca-list] New webkit, Pavel Vlček
  • [orca-list] orca installation via git repository, juanhernandez98
  • [orca-list] ubuntu and ssh, juanhernandez98
  • [orca-list] Accessible weather app for Ubuntu, Andy Borka
  • [orca-list] Getting a raspberry pi up and running with orca, Guy Schlosser
  • [orca-list] no sound after install Dell 5480 Touch, Milton
  • [orca-list] flat review stops working after an application is launched, Vojtěch Polášek
  • [orca-list] Alternatives to mind mapping that work with Orca, Kyle

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