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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
asia-summit-list Committee list of GNOME.Asia Summit organization
balsa-list Balsa email client
beast BEAST - BSE Enhanced Audio System
board-mentor-list Board Mentor List
brasero-list Brasero User and Developer discussion
cheese-list Cheese mailing list
code-of-conduct [no description available]
code-of-conduct-committee [no description available]
commits-list Git commits
desktop-devel-list GNOME Desktop Development List
devel-announce-list Developer-related announcements and information
dia-list discussions about usage and development of dia
distributor-list Discussion and collaboration list for distributors of GNOME
docs-feedback [no description available]
easytag-list User and developer EasyTAG discussion
edsearch-list [no description available]
ekiga-list Ekiga mailing list
engagement-committee-private [no description available]
eog-list Development of the Eye of GNOME application
evince-list Evince (document viewer) mailing list
evolution-hackers Discussion about Evolution code
evolution-list The Evolution personal information management application
f-spot-list F-Spot photo manager: user and developer discussions.
flattr-list [no description available]
fonts Free fonts for open source systems
foundation-announce Official GNOME Foundation announcements
foundation-list Discussion relating to the GNOME Foundation
ftp-release-list FTP upload notifications for packagers, the release team and insane users
fundraising [no description available]
games-list List for discussing the games in GNOME.
gegl-developer-list GEGL Developer List
gimp-developer-list GIMP Developer List
gimp-docs-list GIMP Documentation List
gimp-gui-list GIMP GUI List
gimp-user-list GIMP User List
gimp-web-list GIMP Web List
girl-list GNOME Internet Radio Locator
gitg-list gitg git repository browser
gitlab-abuse-reports [no description available]
glom-devel-list Development discussions about the Glom GUI database environment
gmime-devel-list List for development of and with the GMime library
gnome-accessibility-devel Technical discussions and patches for at-spi, gail, and ATs
gnome-accessibility-list GNOME accessibility development
gnome-announce-list Announcements only
gnome-ar-list Advocacy, chit-chat and event planning in Argentina
gnome-asia-committee-list Private communication among GNOME Asia committee
gnome-asia-list General discussion among Asian GNOME communities
gnome-ca-list GNOME Canada
gnome-cl-list Advocacy, chit-chat and event planning in Chile
gnome-cn-list GNOME China
gnome-color-manager-list gnome-color-manager is a program that makes it easy to manage, install and generate color profiles in the GNOME desktop
gnome-cs-list Czech GNOME community and localization
gnome-cy-list Cyfieithu GNOME i'r Gymraeg (cy)/Welsh (cy) GNOME translation
gnome-cyr A mailing list, dedicated to the problems of Gnome cyrillization and i18n
gnome-db-list GNOME-DB discussions
gnome-de GNOME in Germany (German translations)
gnome-devel-list GNOME development
gnome-devtools Discussion of gnome development tool development
gnome-doc-devel-list Discussion about development of yelp, gnome-doc-utils, and other documentation-related utilities
gnome-doc-list GNOME documentation issues
gnome-el-list GNOME Greek Translators Mailing List
gnome-eo-list Esperanto GNOME community and translation
gnome-es-list GNOME Spanish Translators Mailing List
gnome-et-list GNOME Estonian Translators Mailing List
gnome-flashback-list Mailing list for the Gnome Flashback project
gnome-fr-list Liste d'utilisateurs en Français (support, discussions, etc.)
gnome-fy-list GNOME translations for language Western Frisian
gnome-ge-list Gnome Georgian Users Mailing List
gnome-gl-list Gnome Galician Users and Translators Mailing List
gnome-hispano-board-list Gnome Hispano Board coordination list.
gnome-hispano-list Lista de correo de la comunidad GNOME Hispano
gnome-hu-list Hungarian GNOME Community
gnome-i18n Internationalization (I18N) of GNOME
gnome-in-list Advocacy, chit-chat and event planning in India
gnome-ir-list Persian translation, discussion, chit-chat, ...
gnome-it-list Coordinazione traduttori italiani
gnome-l10n-ta-list [no description available]
gnome-latin-list Latin translation of GNOME
gnome-list General discussion
gnome-lk-list Localization issues and events related to Sri Lanka
gnome-network-list Discussions about gnome-network development
gnome-nl-list Gnome-NL
gnome-no Liste for GNOME Norge, alle norske GTK og GNOME brukere velkommen
gnome-office-list Discussion of GNOME Office suite
gnome-os-list List to discuss and plan midterm goals of GNOME
gnome-outreachy-list [no description available]
gnome-pe-list Usuarios y colaboradores de GNOME en Perú
gnome-pk-list GNOME Pakistan List
gnome-power-manager-list GNOME Power Management Discussion
gnome-pt_br-list GNOME Brazilian Portuguese translation list
gnome-se-list Discussions about GNOME in Swedish, or in Sweden / Diskussioner om GNOME på svenska eller i Sverige
gnome-shell-extensions-list Extension development and maintenance discussion and help
gnome-sk-list Slovak GNOME Translation Team / Slovenský prekladateľský tím GNOME
gnome-themes-list GNOME and GTK+ Themes
gnome-turk Gnome Turkiye Listesi
gnome-tw-list GNOME Taiwan List
gnome-us-list Mailing list for US User Group
gnome-vi-list Vietnamese translation mailing list
gnome-web-list GNOME Website Development
gnome-women-list Discussion about the GNOME Women project
gnomecc-list GNOME Control Center
gnote-list Discussions about Gnote.
gnumeric-list GNOME spreadsheet
goocanvas-list Discussion of goocanvas
grilo-list public discussion about Grilo project
gthumb-list Discussion relating to the gThumb image browser
gtk-doc-list The gtk-doc documentation tool
gtk-osx-devel-list Developer Discussions for Maintaining Gtk-OSX projects
gtk-osx-users-list GTK+-OSX Users
gtk-perl-list Using GTK+ with Perl
gtk-vnc-list gtk-vnc development mailing list
gtkmm-list gtkmm general discussion
gtranslator-list gtranslator discussion
guadec-organization Private list for the core organizing team
guadec-papers GUADEC Paper Review Team
guadec-volunteers-list [no description available]
gugmasters-list List for communication between GNOME User Groups
gvfs-list Discussons about the gvfs virtual filesystem
infrastructure-announce Announces from the GNOME Sysadmin Team
intern-alumni-list [no description available]
interns-list [no description available]
internships-admin [no description available]
language-bindings GTK+/GNOME language bindings development discussion
latexila-list The mailing list of GNOME LaTeX
legal-list public discussions of legal issues facing the GNOME project
Legal-updates-list [no description available]
libchamplain-list Ask anything about libchamplain
libgee-list Libgee collection library development and discussion
libpeas-list Discussion about usage and development of libpeas
libsigc-list Mailing list for libsigc++
libsoup-list discussion of libsoup, an HTTP library
libxmlplusplus-list libxml++ mailing list
Mailman [no description available]
mc List for GNU Midnight Commander users
mc-devel List for GNU Midnight Commander developers
nautilus-list For developers and users of the Nautilus file manager
networkmanager-list NetworkManager discussions
opw-admins-list [no description available]
opw-list [no description available]
opw-opportunities-list [no description available]
orca-es-list Lista de correo de los usuarios del lector de pantalla Orca
orca-list Orca screen reader developers and users
ostree-list OSTree discussion and development list
outreach-list GNOME Outreach efforts
outreachy-admins-list [no description available]
outreachy-opportunities-list [no description available]
planner-dev-list Planner discussion list for developers
planner-list Planner discussion list for users
python-hackers-list Development of pygobject
rust-list [no description available]
sfbay-social-list Social events for San Francisco and Bay Area
travel-committee Requests for travel sponsorship
wm-spec-list Window manager specification
xml The Gnome XML library mailing-list
xslt The Gnome XSLT library mailing-list

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