List Rules and FAQs

Code of Conduct

You will be expected to know and follow the GNOME Code Of Conduct on the GNOME mailing lists.

Do I have to be subscribed to post?

The majority of the lists are 'subscriber only', which means that posts from non-members will be held for approval by the list moderator. This can take several days, so while subscribing is not strictly required, it is recommended. (It also reduces the burden on the list moderators.)

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscibe from the list information page for the mailing list. To find the list information page, select the correct mailing list from the list of GNOME mailing lists. At the bottom of the list information page, in the 'Subscribers' section, you should enter your email address which you want to unsubscribe. You will now see the member options page where you should press the 'Unsubscribe' button and follow the instructions in the email which you will receive.

Is cross-posting allowed?

Cross-posting between the mailing lists should be avoided. The partial one exception to this is announcements; see below for more details on that.

Are job postings OK?

Job postings are allowed on gtk-list and only on gtk-list. Other rules about job postings include:

  • Job postings must be directly related to GTK+/GNOME. Job postings about general X Window System, Linux, or Unix jobs are not acceptable.
  • The subject line should clearly indicate that the mail is a job posting, and should indicate the locality when applicable.
  • Frequent reposting of the same job is not acceptable. While there is no hard-and-fast rule about this, posting the same job more than once every two months is likely too much.

GNOME-related job openings may be added to the Jobs wiki page.

Are announcements OK?

Announcements about applications should only be sent to or to general forums such as Freecode.

Announcements of tools and libraries of interest to people programming with GTK+, and of binary distributions of GTK+ are suitable for the GTK+ mailing lists. Wide cross-posting is discouraged. Announcements should usually go to gtk-list and no more than one other GTK+ mailing list appropriate to the subject of the announcement. If you cross-post the announcement, please set the Reply-To: header of your email to point to a single mailing list.

My contact details are in your mailing list archives. Will you remove them?

All messages sent to GNOME mailing lists will be archived. You should not include any information in your postings that you would not wish to become publicly available for the indefinite future. You should disable your signature when posting if you do not want it's details becoming public knowledge. All posts will remain viewable by posterity. Site policy is to not edit the archives except in rare cases to remove viruses.

Apart from the work it causes our sysadmins, removing your address from the archives will not remove it from the lists that spammers have already harvested. Once it has become public knowledge, your choices are to either change your e-mail address, learn to live with the spam, or protect your inbox by installing some kind of spam filtering software.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with any of the mailing lists?

For administrative questions regarding mailing lists open a bug request by clicking here. Note: do not open a new bug report unless you understand what 'regarding mailing lists' means. Other GNOME mailing list information can be found on our Mailing Lists wiki page.