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  • [Evolution] Re Evo Printing - "Just the body wanted", Chris and Tracey
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  • Re: [Evolution] List Formats and such (wa Re: PPAs and Postings (was Re: downloads page)), Ralf Mardorf
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  • [Evolution] Evo Printing - "Just the Body wanted", Chris and Tracey
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  • [Evolution] Google calendars stopped working in Evolution, Bjørn-Helge Mevik
  • Re: [Evolution] [Evolution-hackers] [Old Version 2.28] Tasks: Prevent Ctrl-X in search box to accidentally delete tasks, For what it's worth: My comprehensive set of patches for ancient 2.28, Thomas Mittelstaedt
  • [Evolution] Msg stuck in preview window, Gerard Ceruti
  • [Evolution] RESEND CORRECTION : Virgin Evolution + old saved messages., William Case
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  • Re: [Evolution] Evolution with GOA: offline issue, Loïc BLOT
  • Re: [Evolution] evolution-list Digest, Vol 97, Issue 7, Richard Endres
  • [Evolution] Trouble with Contacts, Brewster Gillett
  • Re: [Evolution] IMAP mail location pointing to the evolutio n folder, refdoc gmx net
  • [Evolution] IMAP mail location pointing to the evolution folder, RICAFORT ALFREDO
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  • Re: [Evolution] Minor annoyance with scroll wheel, Patrick O'Callaghan
  • Re: [Evolution] Plain text issue, Milan Crha

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