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  • Re: [Evolution] More on Crashes, Jonathan Ryshpan
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  • [Evolution] Google Calendar being blocked, Kalmár Gergely
  • [Evolution] Message display width too large, Paul Smith
  • [Evolution] Folder subscriptions not preserved, Patrick O'Callaghan
  • [Evolution] One hour off on appointments created with evolution-ews and looking at them with OWA or Outlook, Torsten Krah
  • [Evolution] Customize printing of monthly calendar, moldev
  • [Evolution] change dynamically between RTL or LTR alignment, Pierre Poulain
  • [Evolution] Evolution and PDF attachments behavior, Marc Defossez
  • [Evolution] IMAP-Account - new message count, but no messages, Michael Hirmke
  • [Evolution] Giving up (calendar problems), Rudolf Künzli
  • [Evolution] categories and colours / appointment notifications, Michael Hirmke
  • [Evolution] Evolution 3.16.5 Calendar Problem, Matteo Limardo

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