[Evolution] Replying to email inserting previous reply

Hi, I am using (Fedora versions)


Something I have never encountered with evolution throughout the past 10+ years of using it is happening to me.  When replying to an email, Evolution is putting the previous email reply (same thread email) into the composing window on top.  Now the only thing I can determine that is a tad different from other emails is that due to excessive signatures from this company, Exchange is 100% encoding the message base64.  Not sure what to make of this, so just wondering if anyone has seen it and if they know how to stop it.

I have enabled CAMEL_DEBUG and restarted evolution, but none of the output stands out to me as far as throwing a previous reply into the message body (also, it is a reply not even found in the original message I am replying to.  Itr is very bizarre behavior.




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