Re: [Evolution] IMAP-Account - new message count, but no messages

Hi Pete,

I then left the INBOX folder and went to the account entry itself.

What do you mean by that?  Do you mean that you highlighted the root of
the account folder? The line that basically contains your email


address?  If so, then nothing is ever shown at that level, it's just
folder and doesn't contain any messages.

Yes, I know that - but one can see the search field and its contents.
This is what I tried to describe.

Go to the Inbox and make sure the top bar has "Show: All Messages" and
that the "Search:" entry is empty (i.e. click on the icon at the far
right of the entry box).

Please read my last message completely.
Maybe it is a bit confusing, because I'm not a native speaker, but I
*thought* I had described exactly what I've done.
And for that your answer does not fit.

And: This is the only account showing that behaviour!

As Milan said, I think you need to do a screenshot of Evolution so we
can see what it looks like.

I already sent it, but the message is awaiting moderator approval.


Michael Hirmke

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