Re: [Evolution] EWS not showing recurring events

On Tue, 2016-09-13 at 13:16 +0000, Stefan Profanter wrote:
Am I right in the assumption that deleting ~/.cache/evolution will
force evolution to refetch the complete calendar data? (so the event
definitely should be listed in the debug log).

yes, that's correct. Only make sure any evolution-calendar-factory-
subprocess processes are not running, especially the one related to ews
(it has `--factory ews` as one of its arguments in `ps ax | grep
evolution` output).

You can delete only particular calendar, when you enter:
You can also see there what you've downloaded and known. What you
suggested deletes everything, including mail cache, which is not
necessary to be deleted.

I'm wondering whether they added any setting to advertise only events
not-older-than some weeks/days/months into the OWA interface or
somewhere, thus the EWS protocol may get them hidden due to it.

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