Re: [Evolution] Gmail account disappears from Evolution

i have a problem with Evolution e-mail application: twice in the last
month my Gmail account disappeared from Evolution.  My two other IMAP
accounts stayed ok.  So far i do not know how to reproduce this.

You have to give more information - like what version of Evolution, how
did you provision the Gmail account in Evolution, what desktop are you

After it happened the first time, i thought that it could be related to
my sharing of the home folder between Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.1 and NixOS
16.03, but i do not see so far any evidence that this could be the

Do you use Evolution on both systems?  What are the versions of
Evolution on them? What desktops are you using on each?

Is this a known issue?

That accounts just disappear? No, it's not.

That using the same home directory for two different operating systems
and odd things happen? Well yes, that is understandable, but I wouldn't
say it's a "known issue" since it's not a common thing to do and only a
very small handful of people will be trying to do it using your two
particular distros and versions.


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