Re: [Evolution] Folder subscriptions not preserved

On Mon, 2016-09-05 at 13:22 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
However after the above change I find that *all* of the account
folders are shown in the folders pane, independently of their status
in the dialogue.

see whether "Show only subscribed folders" is checked in the account
Properties, Receiving Options tab. That influences what is shown. The
default for it changed meanwhile, thus your newly created account might
use a different setting for you.

Furthermore, if I explicitly toggle the subscription check-box for a
folder in the dialogue twice, i.e. subscribe then unsubscribe, that
folder then vanishes from the pane, but when I quit and restart Evo
the folder is back again.

Yes, that's kind of design. The option about showing only subscribed
folders is private for the IMAP accounts, thus the folder tree doesn't
know about it. I think it can be fixed, the unsubscribed signal not
being emitted when the "Show only subscribed folders" is not set, but I
do not know how much it would be confusing too, to someone else.

Could there be a mixup with Evo's database
because of the account deletion/recreation?

Fortunately not, the different accounts use different folders for their
local cache. It's only about different settings being used. By the way,
the subscription is fully saved on the IMAP server and the evolution
relies on the server, to provide correct list of subscribed folders.

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