Re: [Evolution] categories and colours / appointment notifications

Hi Milan,

there are not any immediate plans to do it, as far as I know. I have,
personally, more than 20 calendars, each different color, most of them
usually disabled. The color-by-category might make the view confusing

I understand this approach, but with Exchange Server you usually have
only one, maybe two calendars. To distinguish between different types
of appointments you use categories, which have colours assigned to.
Ok, I can live with the actual behaviour - colour assigned categories
would be "nice to have".
One hint, though: With newer versions of Exchange the categories and
their colours seem to be stored no longer on each and every client, but
in the user's mailbox in the Exchange store. Perhaps this makes it
easier to implement in evolution?

for me (that's why there would be an option to disable coloring by
category, if there is only one color set on the event). It reminded me

I read that really ancient bug report :)

Perhaps the according chapter in the manual should be modified?
Or did I misunderstand the description there:

"In the Categories Editor you can edit or set the color and icon for
each category available by clicking Edit at the bottom of the Categories

At the moment one can only assign an icon to a category, not a colour.

[X] Show a reminder 18 hours before every appointment
[X] Show a reminder 18 hours before every anniversary/birthday

Aha, I think it's due to this. The first option name is misleading. Its
correct wording, according to what the code does, is:
 [X] Set default reminder [18] [hours] before every new appointment
That's also slightly misleading, but not that much as the initial text.
I do not know how to write into a short single sentence "Use this
reminder as a default reminder for newly created appointments, [18]
[hours] before".

It means that you are notified only about appointments which have set
an explicit reminder. If the appointment doesn't have the reminder,
then you are not notified about it.

Ok, let me see, if I got that right:

1. If an appointment has its own reminder, this reminder takes
2. If an appointment has no reminder, use the reminder configured in the
   global settings under Celander and Tasks -> Reminders.

Is that correct?

Thx for your patience :)


Michael Hirmke

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