Re: [Evolution] IMAP-Account - new message count, but no messages

Hi Milan,

I tested a few more things and got to a point, where I could see my
messages - but only for a short time.
I went to the INBOX of this account - the counter is 5 in the meantime,
but still no messages.
Because all messages have the string "test" in the subject, I entered
"test" in the search field and selected "current account". I was
informed, that nothing matches these criteria. I then deleted the
contents of the search field and pressed enter. All of a sudden all
messages became visible. Location was shown as "INBOX". They could be
read, edited, deleted and so on.
I then left the INBOX folder and went to the account entry itself.
Despite the fact, that I had deleted the contents of the search field,
on the account level the field still contained the string "test". I
deleted the string there, too, and returned to the INBOX - and say what:
No more messages.

This can be repeated endlessly - I tried it four times. Always exactly
the same behaviour.


Michael Hirmke

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