[Evolution] change dynamically between RTL or LTR alignment


I receive about 40% of my mails in RTL (Right to Left) language (as Hebrew and Arabic). 
When I read them, Evolution display correctly (from right to left), and when I want to reply the cursor is automatically positioned on the right, assuming I'll reply in the same language.
But if I can read those languages, I don't write them... and I always reply in "Latin" language (English, French or Spanish). So I need the cursor on the left.

There is apparently no way to change this. Even if I change the alignment button, it stays on the right. (CENTER will work. But LEFT will do nothing). 

In Thunderbird there is a plugin (or add-on) called BiDi (Bi-Directionnal) which do the trick, but I could not find an equivalent in Evolution.

I made some tests : if someone write to me in Hebrew, for example, from Thunderbird, with the BiDi plugin set to "default option: RTL", then Evolution appears to be "stuck" on RTL when reading
 and replying to this specific message.
But if the Bidi plugin is set as "default option: LTR", then I can read the Hebrew normally (RTL) but when I reply I am in a LTR way....

Not sure if it can help. Anyway, the question is : Is there a way to change dinamically the RTL / LTR behaviour, with a button or a keyboard shortcut, as in Thunderbird with BiDi plugin ?

Apart of this ... Evolution is great (and much more responding than Thunderbird)


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