Re: [Evolution] IMAP-Account - new message count, but no messages

Hi Milan,

On Thu, 2016-09-08 at 13:04 +0200, Michael Hirmke wrote:
Do I need another account for

'another'? If you've one already, then use that one. Otherwise, if you

no, I thought of using the evolution mailing list account, but that is
nonsense, so the question was stupid.

feel like having too many accounts and you do not want to add another
new, then feel free to post the backtrace only here. I only thought of
not bothering mailing list users with something what is better stored
in bugzilla.

You're right.
I will open a bugzilla bug.

Also, getting backtrace from a newer Evolution (3.20.5 is the current
stable), is definitely better than using older (obsolete for the
upstream) versions.


      Thanks and bye,

Michael Hirmke

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