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Hi Milan,

thx for your answer.

On Thu, 2016-09-01 at 20:35 +0200, Michael Hirmke wrote:
1. Despite the description in the manual I couldn't find out, how to
   setup coloured calendar items based on categories, i.e. assign a
   colour to a category, then assign the category to an appointment,
   so that the appointment shows up with the given colour.
   All that I found was to assign an icon to a category.

the events are shown in the color of the calendar, not of the category,
which might be the reason why the color of the category cannot be set.
You can set color for mail message Labels, which cause the respective
mail being shown in the color of the Label (if it has set only one),
but that's for the Mail, not for the Calendar.

Are there any plans to implement category based colours for calendar
items? IMHO this is one of the best means to get a quick overview if you
have lots of calendar entries.

2. Mail notifications work as expected, but appointment notifications
   show up random or never.
   /usr/lib/evolution/evolution-alarm-notify is running.

Hmm, do you store the password? If I recall correctly, you should be
asked for the password when needed, though, especially with the 3.20.x.

Yes, I store the password. Other calendar actions are working as
expected - besides notifications.

I'm thinking of the state when the alarm-notify fails to open the
calendar, but then doesn't try again later. Eventually it doesn't know
about "newly recognized calendars". It requires more testing. I suppose
you have it enabled for Reminders in Edit->Preferences->Calendar and
Tasks->Reminders tab.


[ ] Display reminders in notification area only
[X] Show a reminder 18 hours before every appointment
[X] Show a reminder 18 hours before every anniversary/birthday

<my exchange account>

[X] Kalender

If this is of any relevance - I use Exchange Server 2016 with latest RU.


Michael Hirmke

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