Re: [Evolution] wrapping text vs. wrapping links?

However, having this configuration, evolution also does pretty
consequently wrap any hyperlinks in mail bodies, resulting in
recipients being unable to click-open them.

Is this a desired behaviour? It's not too much high-priority as there
are easy workarounds (and be that using link shorteners or the like),
but it's a bit inconvenient... ;)

I don't think it is desired or deliberate - the problem is that the
composer needs to spot what is and isn't a URL, and although humans can
recognise a URL fairly easily, it's not so easy in a stream of
characters. I suspect the problem is when a URL contains a hyphen. In a
long line with a long sequence of characters without any whitespace, a
hyphen is the logical place to split a line. (But I know it happens at
other characters as well)

If you think it's an issue, then create bug about it - TBH honest I
suspect there already is one though ... ah yes:

It's probably better to add a supporting comment to that bug to push it
up the developers list of priorities.

BTW, I tend to put long URLs on a separate line (like above) and then
you can use 'Preformatted' to stop the line breaks.


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