Re: [Evolution] Error when receiving mail

On Wed, 2016-09-21 at 11:26 +0000, Hans Vandewalle wrote:
We use exchange at our workplace and I configured evolution
to connect to our exchange and it works.

However I have access to send mail as another user then me. When I
tried to configure that and send a test mail it failed.
I since then deleted the account and added that e-mail as a genuine
account instead of trying to send as.

Now when I send and receive I always get an error "Error while
Sending message." with following note "Exchange server cannot send
message as 'hidden@mail', when the account was configured for address

I don't see any mails in outbox or drafts.

Any idea how I can solve this?

Which of the Exchange "providers" in Evolution do you use? Exchange Web
Services? MAPI? (See "Edit > Preferences > Mail Accounts > Type"
column.) The feature you're looking for sounds like proxying?

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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