Re: [Evolution] EWS not showing recurring events

On Tue, 2016-09-13 at 07:51 +0000, Stefan Profanter wrote:
Unfortunately the calendar does not show recurring events for one of
my account. Normal events show up, but nearly all of the recurring
events are missing.
The problematic account is connected to Exchange 2016.
The other account where it is working fine is Exchange 2010.

the above can mean that something changed on the Exchange 2016 side
that much that it confused the evolution-ews. I hear of this for the
first time, and the only recently made change in the calendar code of
the evolution-ews is from here:
Which was about time zones and might not be related at all (being it
about time zone, you might still see the recurring event, but in a
wrong time).

Can you help me to analyse the problem and find the cause?

Please run the evolution-calendar-factory from a terminal like this:

   $ EWS_DEBUG=2 /usr/libexec/evolution-calendar-factory -w &>log.txt

(The actual path can differ on some distributions.)

The log will contain raw communication between the server and the
client. I suggest to run it, then run evolution, then reproduce the
issue with a new test event, then search for the event in the log. As
it contains raw communication it can contain private data, like a list
of your events, email addresses, server addresses and such, thus make
sure you'll not expose anything private. I suggest to create a bug
report in the GNOME bugzilla [1] and continue the investigation there.
You even may consider not attaching the log there, in which case you
can send it (possibly packed) only to me, just name the bug report in
the subject, otherwise I may miss your message in my spam folder.

I do not have access to an Exchange 2016 instance right now, thus I
cannot confirm the issue myself.



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