Re: [Evolution] categories and colours / appointment notifications

On Fri, 2016-09-02 at 15:35 +0200, Michael Hirmke wrote:
Perhaps this makes it easier to implement in evolution?

I'd not say easier, because then one is supposed to merge the server-
side categories and the local categories, which is a synchronization,
which is always a pita. Maybe having a new categories, with a prefix
"EWS:" or something, which would distinguished between user, system and
EWS categories, then even a category removal might be doable. Or
something completely different, like per-server/calendar categories, I
do not know, it needs more thinking.

"In the Categories Editor you can edit or set the color and icon for
each category available by clicking Edit at the bottom of the
Categories window."

At the moment one can only assign an icon to a category, not a

The link I used points to the exact change where the color setting had
been removed (+/- few comments). Thus yes, you are right, the user
documentation should be updated.

1. If an appointment has its own reminder, this reminder takes
2. If an appointment has no reminder, use the reminder configured
   in the global settings under Celander and Tasks -> Reminders.

Unfortunately not completely. That's what the current setting name
suggests and it's correct for the birthdays and anniversaries, but not
for the other appointments. The first option (which is for the other
appointments) is there only to let users preconfigure what reminder
settings should be preset when they are creating completely new
appointments. It doesn't influence already existing appointments by any
means, neither in the alarm-notify. The alarm-notify relies on the
reminders set for the events/tasks. No reminder set => no reminder

Thx for your patience :)

No problem at all. Once the evolution will have an intuitive UI and
options... :-) Even I do not think it's that bad in this regard, to be

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