Re: [Evolution] Evolution and PDF attachments behavior

      When I send myself a mail, gmail, with PDF attachment,
Evolution loses the mail text and PDF attachment and replaces
everything with garbage.

Well, it's not really garbage - it's the content type separator.

Gmail is strange though in lots of the ways it does things - it's IMAP
implementation is a kludge on top of how Google thinks mail should be
handled. What it looks like is that there is some timing issues between
Gmail processing the mail and Evolution attempting to retrieve it.

A few things you can try:

Have a look at the source of the message and see if the MIME structure
is correct - see if the encoded PDF attachment is present or not.

Try reducing the number of concurrent connections in the account setup.

If it is because Evo is retrieving things too quickly, then it might
help to delete the cache and get it to download the mail again. (Stop
Evolution and it's mail subprocesses and then remove the directory
~/.cache/evolution/mail - when Evolution is restarted it will recreate
the directory and re-populate the cache, if you have lots of subfolders
or a slow connection, it will take a while.)


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