Re: [Evolution] Replying to email inserting previous reply

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 3:13 AM, Pete Biggs <pete biggs org uk> wrote:

> Something I have never encountered with evolution throughout the past
> 10+ years of using it is happening to me.  When replying to an email,
> Evolution is putting the previous email reply (same thread email)
> into the composing window on top.

Edit -> Preferences -> Composer Preferences -> General Tab 

Make sure the "Start typing at bottom" and "Keep signature above
original message" are unticked - or at least set to what you want them
to be. And make sure the "Reply style" is what you need.


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Thanks Pete,

Those options are all set the way I like (and have been for years).  I might have not explained correctly.

I will reply to an email (and it is only emails that are 100% base64 encoded due to damn graphic happy ass people's signatures being so large).  I reply above (as most corp people do).  Email sent...

Next email in thread, I hit reply all - Evolution is adding the reply I just sent in the previous email above everything (not quoted like my reply style is set to) as a reply to this new reply automatically.

I will include a picture if it helps..

I did not type what is in the red box above my signature...

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