Re: [Evolution] Giving up (calendar problems)

Since I modified my set up without GOA I have all calendars (google)
ce. How to get rid of the doubled ones?

Yes - configuring via GOA happily populates the calendars, but it
appears that when a GOA account is deleted, it doesn't remove them.

I did it by removing the Google account just setup (it removes a level
of confusion) and then going to .config/evolution/sources and searching
the files for the relevant calendar setup and removing them. Make sure
that *all* evolution processes are killed first though - it may even be
better to do it from a console login as root to make sure nothing is

There is, no doubt, a better way of doing it, but it worked for me.

Usual disclaimers apply - you are altering evolution's private files,
if you do anything that mucks up your system, it's not my
responsibility! Carefully check that any files you are about to delete
are the correct ones.


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