Re: [Evolution] IMAP-Account - new message count, but no messages

Hi Milan,

do you connect to the Exchange account with an IMAP protocol? I'm a bit
confused, as the subject says IMAP, while you mentioned Exchange above,
for which an evolution-ews (eventually evolution-mapi) is usually used,
because it gives you more than just e-mail. I also do not think that
the Outlook uses IMAP, depending on its version and the server version
it can use either EWS or MAPI. Each of them (including IMAP) behaves

sry, I try to clarify this :)
I have three accounts. The main account is my Exchange Server account,
which uses EWS. Besides that I have two IMAP accounts with two external
providers. One of them works as expected, the other one behaves strange.
And yes, of course Outlook is using HTTPS for the Exchange account, but
I configured a second account in Outlook with IMAP using the same
settings as the evolution IMAP account that is beahving strange.

Unless it's anyhow broken. I'll quote Pete from another thread:

| If it is because Evo is retrieving things too quickly, then it might
| help to delete the cache and get it to download the mail again. (Stop
| Evolution and it's mail subprocesses and then remove the directory
| ~/.cache/evolution/mail - when Evolution is restarted it will
| recreate the directory and re-populate the cache, if you have lots
| of subfolders or a slow connection, it will take a while.)

Re-loading the local summary from the scratch should help in certain

I followed that proposal, but it didn't help.
Again I got a new mail notification and I have "INBOX (1)", but no
message in the list in the right upper pane.

Besides that, the mail cache obiously is the place, where the open
folder hierarchy is stored, because all folders in my really huge
Exchange mailbox were collapsed after deleting the cache. And I got
numerous notifications for new mails in all of the Exchange mailbox


Michael Hirmke

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