[Evolution] One hour off on appointments created with evolution-ews and looking at them with OWA or Outlook


attached is a sample appointment i did create and i would expect it to
be from 1000-1030 am (Europe/Berlin) timezone - i've configured this
also as standard timezone in the settings - evolution does show it
correctly in its calendar view.

But if i or other outlook people look at the appointment in owa or via
outlook its one hour off and displayed from 1100-1130am :-|

Creating appointment with owa or outlook are correct shown with
evolution (ews) - but my ones created with evolution ews are one hour

I am using:

evolution                                             3.10.4-0ubuntu2
evolution-ews                                         3.10.2-0ubuntu2

from ubuntus lucid lts distribution.

Does the attachment looks anything suspicious (did not yet had time to
read the ews specs about time zones and utc conversions for appointments
- hopefully someone else has some knowledge and can provide some input

Anything i could debug further or should try?



Attachment: calendar-post.xml
Description: XML document

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