[Evolution] Folder subscriptions not preserved

Evolution 3.20.4

Following on a recent thread about OAuth2, I deleted my Gmail account
info from Evolution and recreated it using OAuth2 rather than GOA.

Note that I only subscribe to a subset of my Gmail folders (labels) in
Evo, and these are correctly shown in the Folder Subscription dialogue.
However after the above change I find that *all* of the account folders
are shown in the folders pane, independently of their status in the

Furthermore, if I explicitly toggle the subscription check-box for a
folder in the dialogue twice, i.e. subscribe then unsubscribe, that
folder then vanishes from the pane, but when I quit and restart Evo the
folder is back again.

Has anyone else seen this? Could there be a mixup with Evo's database
because of the account deletion/recreation?


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