Re: [Evolution] More on Crashes

Since I posted the bug, a little more than a month ago, there has been no
activity on it (except my own futile attempts to track it down).  

I will soon have to give up on Evolution, since it crashes many times a day,
more than 100 times since I became aware of the bug, and since the Breeza theme
is the only one that makes evolution usable on my system. (Better the crashes
than the other unusable themes.)

The strange thing is that your version of Evo on F24 is actually very
stable and if there were serious issues with GTK+ on Fedora there would
be considerable noise and much clamouring to fix it.  Fedora is not a
small distro and the KDE spin of it is widely used.

I'm wondering if there is some odd configuration issue on your machine.

Have you tried creating a new Linux user account and trying Evo from
there (to get rid of any configuration on your normal account).

Can you install F24 on another machine to see if it works? If you don't
have another box to use, what about a virtual machine? Or a live USB

If you are feeling really brave F25 alpha is available - but really,
honestly, don't even think about using it in anger.


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