[Evolution] More authentication headaches

Evolution 3.20.5

After switching from GOA to OAuth2 (possibly a coincidence but there it is) I've seen a return of the dreaded "infinite hang waiting for the server" problem which I hadn't suffered from in over a year, so before looking into it I decided to start by cleaning up my Evolution configuration, which hasn't been reset since I first installed Evo years ago.

I stopped Evo completely and deleted:


(all my mail is on IMAP so I don't care about losing local copies)

I then fired up Evo again and created new mail accounts. I noticed that after creating my Gmail account (using the Evo wizard with the default settings) I was not asked for the password, but the account loaded anyway. However after a while Evo started saying:

Failed to connect 'Gmail'
HTTP Error: Unauthorized

Furthermore, my Google calendar (which *did* ask for the password first time round) simply doesn't load. Sometimes the same error message as above, sometimes not, but no calendar entries in either case.

I tried logging out and in again. I even tried creating the account under a different Linux user. Nothing made any difference.

I normally use KDE, so I tried again under Gnome. Still the same.

It looks like there's still some trace of my old installation hanging around somewhere. Note that I didn't deleteĀ $HOME/.config/dconf.

Any hints would be welcome.


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