Re: [Evolution] IMAP-Account - new message count, but no messages

Hi Milan,

On Sun, 2016-09-04 at 15:18 +0200, Michael Hirmke wrote:
uhm, no - this worked exactly one time.
The next messages are invisible again.

it looks like you've there some filtering on. Try to make sure that the
top line reads:
   Show: [ All Messages ] Search: [ some gray text with the filter name] in
[Current Folder ] This is what is shown for me. Some older evolution versions
could pretend that no filter is active while some is in the background, which
can partly explain why the change of the scope worked for you the first

sry, no filter at all, but I must have configured something I didn't
understand completely:
The next time these mails appeared two days later (today in the morning)
in the Inbox of my Exchange account 8-(

What is really strange: I have another IMAP account, that behaves
totally different, i.e. as expected ;)
I compared both of them and the settings are equal.

So I am really clueless, where the problem may be.
Is it possible that it is a server problem - despite the fact that with
Outlook everything works as expected?

I would try to click the magnifier icon on the left of the "Search:"
entry and pick for example "Subject or Addresses contain", then type
some text into the entry and press enter. The right icon of the same
entry will be enabled, and when you click it it'll clear the text you
wrote into it. Then you might see your messages, supposing that other
filter options, like the first on the left, are not active (thus reads
[All Messages]).

Tried that to no avail 8-<


Michael Hirmke

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