Re: [Evolution] Problem editing contacts in exchange

:-)address book doesn't qualify as the editable value 
properly read back (ideally by another client)? Changing the actual
that you can edit some values and these are saved to the server and
By the way, when you say "almost everything is greyed", does it mean

remember, the 3.20.x has the bug fixed.
on your version you may or may not be affected by that bug. As far as I
the server, thus the Patrick's question applies here, because depending
There was a bug about properly claiming writability to the client from

updated on connect and online state change.
as it is not GAL (Global Address List) for the EWS books. This is
as far as I can tell, the address book is considered writeable as long

greyed out. Am I doing something wrong?
However when I try to edit one of those contacts almost everything is

editor rights. I added the screenshot below.
On one of the accounts we have contacts to which I have publishing
I have evolution configured to connect to 3 exchange accounts (ews).
On Mon, 2016-09-26 at 09:14 +0000, Hans Vandewalle wrote:

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