[Evolution] Evolution Exchange - Remove subscription to shared calendar

Hi Evolution team,

I'm using Evolution 3.20.5 under Fedora 24, connecting to an exchange
server (sorry, I dont't know which version).

I succeeded in viewing a colleague's calendar by using the feature
»subscribe to folder of other user«, selecting calendar, etc. - you know
the procedure. Now I have troubles to get rid of this subscription. When
I click on »Maintain subscriptions« (translated from german »Abonnements
verwalten«) the system gets busy (our address book is HUGE), but won't
show any results which I could remove.

At the time being I can prevent evolution from synchronizing the
calendar by deactivating it in the calendar-view, but I'd prefer to have
the whole subscription removed.

Could you please tell me the correct procedure for removing such a
subscription? If there's no reasonable way via the GUI, any "hack" in
some configuration file is welcome, too.



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