Re: [Evolution] IMAP-Account - new message count, but no messages

Hi again,

Hi Milan,

There was a bug in the past that when the selected folder changed from
folder A to folder B and the folder A had any filtering on, then the
filter had been re-used in the folder B, only the UI didn't indicate
it. Those are basically the steps you described above, except the
'folder A' is 'the account node' in the folder tree. You might be
affected by bug [1], which had been fixed for 3.18.3/3.20.0, while you
have "only" 3.16.5. There is no debugging variable to verify that,

ok, I'll try it on my other installation using openSuSE Tumbleweed and
evolution 3.20.5.

exactly the same behaviour here, so probably not the bug you mentioned?

Michael Hirmke

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