Re: [Evolution] One hour off on appointments created with evolution-ews and looking at them with OWA or Outlook

On Mon, 2016-09-05 at 11:11 +0200, Torsten Krah wrote:
evolution                                             3.10.4-0ubuntu2
evolution-ews                                         3.10.2-0ubuntu2

from ubuntus lucid lts distribution.

I suggest to update to a  distribution which provides more recent

(did not yet had time to read the ews specs about time zones and
utc conversions for appointments...

The evolution 3.10.4 had been released on 2014-02-10, which is more
than two and half year ago. The answer for the above is: yes (I would
also write something sarcastic about using ancient versions as a side
note, but let's not do it).

As you use LTS (which stands for Long Time Support, if I recall
correctly) distribution, then you might ask the distribution
maintainers to find which of the change(s) fixed the timezone handling
in the evolution-ews during those 2.5 years and ask them to backport
that(those) change(s) to their distribution, because it's them, whom
are doing the 'Support'.

I recall there had been done several timezone handling fixes in the
evolution-ews during the time.


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