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  • [Gimp-developer] Image Mapping Selection Column Green Arrows, Tyler Benoit
  • [Gimp-developer] Changing order of placeholders, Michael Bauer
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  • [Gimp-developer] Hello GIMP developers, I am a student who is willing to join GSoC 2014, Robroo Somkiadcharoen
  • [Gimp-developer] Gimp Programmer Requirement, phil ppg7 com
  • [Gimp-developer] Enhancement request for .cur cursor files, scl
  • [Gimp-developer] Image history access from python, Paco Garcia
  • [Gimp-developer] License Agreement, david mang
  • [Gimp-developer] Research for Extended Project Qualification, Leah Masters
  • Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature, Srihari Sriraman
  • [Gimp-developer] Fwd: [CREATE] Only 3 days left to submit your proposal for LGM!, Jon Nordby
  • Re: [Gimp-developer] Fwd: GIMP Icons, Andrew Pullins
  • [Gimp-developer] Open Source Survey - http://goo.gl/5bwR9t, Michael Kaserer
  • [Gimp-developer] Need help for gegl translation, Julien Hardelin
  • [Gimp-developer] Wiki: Developer glossary, scl
  • [Gimp-developer] New mirror in Bucharest, Romania, Victor Nițu
  • [Gimp-developer] Contribution to GNOME, Aditi Bhatnagar
  • [Gimp-developer] Online Exposure Permission Request by Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan: GIMP, YOKOYAMA, Kai
  • [Gimp-developer] Bounty for gimp bug 74554, Alexander Varnin
  • [Gimp-developer] Making GIMP 1 window instead of 3 for Windows operating System, nathanialjosu
  • [Gimp-developer] Which Plug-ins Exactly Need to be Ported to GEGL, Shlomi Fish
  • [Gimp-developer] OT: Looking for a Macintosh maintainer for Gutenprint, Robert Krawitz
  • Re: [Gimp-developer] how far from 2.10?, Ofnuts

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