Re: [Gimp-developer] how far from 2.10?

31 дек. 2013 г. 21:36 пользователь "Marco Ciampa" <ciampix libero it>

Presumably how far are we to the new 2.10 gimp version?

Nobody knows.

How many blocking bugs are left and what are these?

Last night we discussed we need some sort of todo to keep track of things
we need to do (on top of bugzilla, that is).

So the answer right now is that there is no simple answer :)

Do we need a complete port of plugins to GEGL? Yes. There is the porting
matrix in the wiki to look at.

Do we need GEGL-based GIMP to be fast enough for production? Yes. Is there
a list of things to do in order to achieve that? Not yet. Please ask
specific questions :) That will also help us to formalize further plans.


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