Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

Hello Peter!

2014/1/14 peter sikking <peter mmiworks net>

Srihari Sriraman wrote:

Have we had a chance to look into this?

OK, I have looked at that spec.

... (removed lines about the stomach)

the problem with TITo is that as it stands now it is a
conflicted mix of two intentions:

1) a help system via text search to learn using GIMP

2) a command-line system for operating GIMP

Can you tell us which feature is 1) and which is 2)?

some note:

- yes, for me 1) maps to ‘give these guys a break’ and 2) to
 ‘completely misguided’ sort term _and_ long term;
- if you are serious about “Text-based Intent driven Tool”
 then you have to build a synonym list for all keywords,
 in all localisations; else you are just bluffing;

Why? All command lines I use (Windows Start searchbox, Gnome 3 searchbox,
Firefox Actionbar, the Terminal, a searchbox in the ERP-System at work)
work nice without a synonym list for keywords. I think a synonym list could
even be annoying, because it could give me too much search results.

- with different people working on it, I suspect they have
 different intentions, or are conflicted internally themselves;

Can you give us some examples?

- since TITo is right now a random mix of 1) and 2), it is
 really not working for either intentions; things implemented for
 1) get in the way of 2) (and vice versa);

Can you give us some examples? (I'm repeating myself.)

... (removed more lines)

some more things that are very important:

- even if TITo response time is instant, keyword formulation ->
  typing in a text based interface is not exactly fast;
  please drop the ‘its fast’ argument;

Sorry, but all command line text based interfaces I use are feeling fast to
me. Why do you expect it to be different in GIMP?

- I read in the bug report that peple are contemplating changing
  labels of menu items to help TITo to perform better;
  that is the most dangerous thing I have heard in a long while;

Here I'm 100% with you.

- if anyone is serious about solving how to help serious GIMP
  users with faster use of plugins and other sprawling stuff,
  let me know; it can be designed...

 I'm not a programmer, but I'm interested in the solution you would provide.


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