Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature


thank you for making this step.

with some effort from me (moderating) and some from
you (making clarifying choices) we will have this thing
shaped. it will just take an email exchange.

allow me to summarise what you said:

The "action search" tool allows to search for and run commands in a natural way (with natural language text). 
It is for searching tools, plugins and filters in GIMP when one knows they exist but can't find anymore.

(you see I removed everything that is not in GIMP context, they do
not mean anything. context is _everything_ in interaction design)

the statement above is not precise enough. so I am going to ask some
questions to get us there:

1) you say “action search tool.” is it not menu item search tool?
an _action_ search would search the toolbox tools, the layer
stack and all dockable dialogs too (the latter being super useful).

2) you say “natural language text,” the definition of which is
very wooly. similar as with ‘Text-based Intent driven Tool’ it
promises way too much (e.g. user types in “blown highlights” and
TITo responds with “burn tool”). you need to be very precise in
defining how sophisticated you want to be here (want to be, not
describing the actual bit you do right now).

there are more questions, but these only make sense when you have
answered the two above.



        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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