Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

this matches what my conclusions is about TITo

Admitting to confusion in the past isn't the same as being confused today.
That is a straw man fallacy, and is not cool.

‘An action search dialog’ is a pure functional statement, it does not
express why GIMP users..[snip]. would find it valuable, and would bother
to use it. it just takes a few extra words to express that.

Well, I didn't express it because I thought 90% of this thread did a pretty
good job.
A lot of people, and especially Jehan, have made excellent points above (to
which I was hoping you'd reply).
It is not rocket science. Really, just use the thing, it works well, and I
think you will find it very useful.

sit down, think about it, and take step one.

Hm, no. Not after years of writing and discussing this, sorry.

I am excited, and look forward to putting in the effort to make this
But I think I'll have to drop out if this is the only way forward.

Srihari Sriraman

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