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Hi Tanguy,

thanks for your interest in GIMP.

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On Wed, 29 Jan 2014 11:42:39 +0100
Tanguy <tanguy manescau gmail com> wrote:

Hello dear developers,
We are a group of 5 french students and we have to understand how such a
program works. Indeed our teacher asked us to define the mathematical objects
which are used in the quality improvement of a picture. 

GIMP provides many tools for improving the quality of a picture in the form of
filters, toolbox tools, extensions, procedural database (PDB) routines, etc.
Normally, it requires a human to determine which tool to apply - and when. Is
there anything specific you are interested in?


        Shlomi Fish

In particular the
process... We've already did some researchs which conducted us to the Fourier
transform... And to be honnest it´s quite hard to conceptualize for us. If
someone could explain us the source code and/or the maths hidden behind,
simply and efficiently, we will be very grateful to him. With all our
respect, we please you to agree our cordial thoughts. Ps : for any contact :
samuel-messelet hotmail fr Or the address used here :
tanguy manescau gmail com Thanks

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