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On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 5:54 PM, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net> wrote:

And yet the desktop menu in Mint/Cinnamon does precisely this and it
*is* fast.  [...]

let me give an example of what I mean in a GIMP context (because
that is the only thing that counts).

if a particular user uses Layer->New from Visible regularly,
then invoking it with a mouse from the menu will be nigh impossible
to beat with TITo, even if TITo manages to have a unique 2 char
code for it in the given localisation (fat chance). the time loss is
already there before the / shortcut is hit because it takes mental time
and effort for users to get to the point of hitting that key
(and you and I and all other users do not record that time loss,
because we are so busy figuring out the shortcut; this means none
of us is a reliable witness where it comes to how fast this stuff is)

That would certainly be faster when using a direct shortcut or a
button. Oh, if there *was* a direct shortcut or button (hint, hint, oh
UI architect ;).

A counter-example: I need the 'Newsprint' filter every 2 months or so,
but for some reason can't seem to remember which filter menu it's
under.  Why is it such a disaster to expose that filter to a search?
A follow-up question: (without looking - no cheating) which
menu/sub-menu would *you* look under to find 'Newsprint'? Find that
answer intuitive? How about 'wavelet decompose'?  And how about a
myriad of other third-party plug-ins?

I _must_ know: what unit(s) do you use to describe 'mental time'?  Are
they accurate?  Precise?  Both?  Do tell.  Call it "burning curiosity"
on my part.

 do I see adding a text-driven action/menu system as any sort of UI
failure. or being in the least bit "misguided".  What's inherently
evil about adding shortcuts to get things done?

now that you ask: I would be misguiding one million users by saying
on the record: here is a way to use GIMP, for intense use.

How many millions use Windows?  The start menu in Win7 is remarkably
similar to the behavior of Mint15+Cinnamon (I won't speak to who's
copying whom).

(in case it's not easily detected, the use of "million" here and again
is an *ancient* fallacy, and sarcasm is notably hard to detect via
email ;)

In OS9 I could open Illustrator or PS, and punch in commands so fast
they would never hit the screen, walk away and the work was done
before I came back.  Yes, I doubt GIMP+TITo can match that, but it
seems to be a start.  With time+effort and an input buffer(!) it could
be more than "intense" if not "amazing/brilliant/awesome" (thanks to
Sriraman and Jehan so far!).

And if some labels aren't clear in TITo, might they need to be looked
at anyway - maybe they really are ambiguous or could be worded better?
The couple mentioned in the BZ report seemed a little funky.

I am happy to change a menu label for any good reason
(that is helping users), but never to help TITo out
(which is helping a mechanical robot).

Robot?  Please clarify the difference between GIMP and other "robots".
 Is GIMP *not* an artificial construct between me and an image?  ie if
you label TITo a "robot" then that term then applies to GIMP. You seem
to be wading/wallowing into philosophy (as opposed to UI) at this
point, but might (though I doubt it) forgive my earlier (impertinent)
questions ;)

To quote your message:
...‘that is OKish, give these guys a break’
...‘that is awful, completely misguided’

Interpreted, to the best of my understanding:
... "I'm a UI god and as long as it does't threaten my credibility it's OK"
... "gods forfend *anyone* make something work better when *I* haven't
thought of it yet"

My interpretation is (deliberately) awful - and I ***hope*** it is incorrect.

Unless I'm missing something your arguments against TITo are _purely_
philosophical and (at least by me) poorly understood. Give me
(objectively) *measurable* objections and I'll (probably) shut the
hell up ;).


PS - Peter: would it kill you to start a sentence with a capitalized
letter, or is that some "UI secret" you've left us all out on?  Is
there some measurable advantage you attain by not capping your
sentences?  <sarcasm>Makes your input more user-friendly, perhaps - or
maybe you are a disciple of Larry Wall?</sarcasm>

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