Re: [Gimp-developer] Changing order of placeholders

Hi Mitch,

Unless we've gotten the wrong end of the stick completely, we came to the conclusion that GNOME is the central repo for handling GIMP l10n ( and it's the upload function there which gave me error messages when I tried re-ordering.

I only tried one for test purposes - maybe I should have left the %d as it was since there was only one? But normally once I start re-ordering most projects require the ordinals on all placeholders:

Tha a' phongalachd \"%2$s\" aig an dealbh \"%1$s\" (%1$d) ach tha dùil ris a' phongalachd \"%3$s\"


30/01/2014 10:24, sgrìobh Michael Natterer:
"%2$d %1$s" etc is the right format, what do you mean by "GNOME" doesn't
accept it, how is it related to GNOME?


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