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Am 15.01.2014 23:15, schrieb Ofnuts:
On 01/15/2014 11:18 AM, Chris Mohler wrote:
A counter-example: I need the 'Newsprint' filter every 2 months or so, but for some reason can't seem to remember which filter menu it's under. Why is it such a disaster to expose that filter to a search? A follow-up question: (without looking - no cheating) which menu/sub-menu would *you* look under to find 'Newsprint'?

"Help/Plugin browser"

To be honest, I sometimes don't remember the menu locations for some of my own scripts... but I don't remember their exact names either. And very often you don't even know what word to search for, or the word you would search for ("halftoning") is not the one used ("newsprint").

I'm the same. But in way more then 50% of the cases i know the name quite well and still find myself searching through the sub menus, just to locate it. A search could also easily avoid the "halftoning"/"newsprint" issue. It just needs to contain both or more search terms for the same item. This would also increase the impression for people that are used to other graphic programs and try to find the same or similar functionality in Gimp. Switching to Gimp isn't that hard, but not finding the stuff you are used to (even though it exists) can be quite headache.

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Tobias Oelgarte

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