Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

Tobias Jakobs wrote:

the problem with TITo is that as it stands now it is a
conflicted mix of two intentions:
1) a help system via text search to learn using GIMP
2) a command-line system for operating GIMP

Can you tell us which feature is 1) and which is 2)?

I think you are proving my point. it is TITo, trying to be both.

some note:

- yes, for me 1) maps to ‘give these guys a break’ and 2) to
 ‘completely misguided’ sort term _and_ long term;
- if you are serious about “Text-based Intent driven Tool”
 then you have to build a synonym list for all keywords,
 in all localisations; else you are just bluffing;

Why? All command lines I use (Windows Start searchbox, Gnome 3 searchbox, Firefox Actionbar, the Terminal, 
a searchbox in the ERP-System at work) work nice without a synonym list for keywords. I think a synonym 
list could even be annoying, because it could give me too much search results. 

because it says “Text-based Intent driven Tool” not
“a command line where you have to learn the ropes before it
gets useful.”

(see my other mail for the main point that we should be discussing;
it does contain quite a few examples that you are asking for, I think)

 - if anyone is serious about solving how to help serious GIMP
  users with faster use of plugins and other sprawling stuff,
  let me know; it can be designed...

 I'm not a programmer, but I'm interested in the solution you would provide.

the problem is concentrated on the plugins and GEGl operations.

so what I am thinking of is a (maybe radical) redesign of the
Filters menu. with the following goals:

- faster and surer (slip of the mouse with sub-menus) invocation
 of all plugins and GEGl operations (and browsing them);
- right-sized lists of recent items, recent items with values;
 most used items, favourites (?), all for direct + fast invocation;
- user configuration (dicey theme);
- an accompanying dockable dialog, for those with the space

my 2¢


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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