[Gimp-developer] License Agreement


We have a slightly unique situation and while were almost certain were
within the guidelines of Gimp's user agreement, we just wanted to confirm.

At Youth Digital, we teach students Game Design, App Development, Mod
design, among a few other technical classes. When students sign up we send
them a bundle to download just to streamline things and make things easier
for our students who are 8-12 years old.

The download bundle includes Gimp as well as a few other softwares, We in
no way rebrand Gimp or charge for it, we simply place it in the bundle so
our students can get started in simpler fashion. They are still prompted to
run the Gimp Installer in the normal way, we just bundle it in the
download, so we don't make them hunt for it. We would love a confirmation
that this doesn't in anyway infringe on Gimp's license agreement.

Thank you, If you could respond at your earliest convenience it would be
much appreciated.

Best Wishes
David Mang

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