Re: [Gimp-developer] Get pointer coordinates in a python script

All painting is done in a GEGL Buffer -
but the events got from the user don't traverse a GEGL interface into
GEGL nodes which paint on these buffers: I think
it should not be to hard to think of a way (I am not saying
about it would not be hard to implement - I am saying
it would not be hard to think about it) - of
getting the events processed in GIMP,  have
the parts which does the dynamics in a separate logic layer,
in a way one could get the processed events in an arbitrary
GEGL node - the events would simply be an input.

That way, the modular design of GEGL could be used
to create modular tools into GIMP.


On 26 January 2014 00:47, Daniel Sabo <danielsabo gmail com> wrote:
All painting is GEGL based in 2.10; I don't think there is any plan to
allow arbitrary ops for painting. You can't retrieve coordinates is
because plugins run in their own process and can't access Gimp's event
loop or windows. It would be hypothetically possible for Gimp to pump
events across to the plugin process, but my understand is that
preventing plugins from interacting with Gimp's GUI was an intentional
design decision.

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