Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

El vie, 17-01-2014 a las 13:58 -0600, Chris Mohler escribió:
I look for 'flatten image' under 'Layers' every single time it seems
:/  Don't know if it's habit from PS or that's simply the place I
think it ought to be.

You nailed it: it's habit from PS. :-)
I remember having troubles with that particular command when I switched
to GIMP. It took me a while to re-wire my brain, but after using GIMP
exclusively for several years I can't remember where it was in PS :-p

Anyway, I think you brought a valid example because it's both reasonable
to look for it under "layers" or under "image" (where it is). 
That's why I don't invoke the command from the menu and I use right
click on a layer thumbnail in the layers dialog. It's the last command
in the list, so it's really easy to spot it there.


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