[Gimp-developer] New mirror in Bucharest, Romania

Dear All,

A new mirror for GIMP [1] has been put into place in Bucharest, Romania.
It's young, and waiting for users, so it might be a good time to request
its inclusion amongst the other hosts on the website [2].

[1] http://mirrors.serverhost.ro/gimp/
[2] http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

If you have any tech questions regarding the mirror specs or anything
else, please let me know so I can provide you with anything needed to
get listed. Furthermore, I can provide a diff for the website if needed,
so we can get things moving faster.

Please Cc me, since I'm not subscribed to this list.


. o . Victor Nițu
. . o debian.org.ro
o o o nightsh @OFTC

772B 3AD9 007D A980 330F BDCE 03EF 1B1B F206 F2FC

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