Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

On Tue, 2014-01-21 at 00:10 +0100, peter sikking wrote:

1) you say “action search tool.” is it not menu item search tool?
an _action_ search would search the toolbox tools, the layer
stack and all dockable dialogs too (the latter being super useful).

"action" is meant as technical term here. A menu item is a view
on an internal action, and they include:

- all menu items
- all tools
- all menu-invokable dialogs
- some esoteric stuff which we'd probably filter out to avoid confusion

2) you say “natural language text,” the definition of which is
very wooly. similar as with ‘Text-based Intent driven Tool’ it
promises way too much (e.g. user types in “blown highlights” and
TITo responds with “burn tool”). you need to be very precise in
defining how sophisticated you want to be here (want to be, not
describing the actual bit you do right now).

Please let's forget about the name "TITO", it was a bad choice
to begin with. This is about searching whatever text is associated
with the action:

- its name (as in technical name e.g. "file-open")
- its label (e.g. "Open...")
- its tooltip (e.g. "Open a file blah foo")
- with a little effort all those things both in the
  english original and the translated local language

This is for initially finding the action, and this is the
current state of affairs. Currently we are only talking about
invoking the found action and should probably restrict the
discussion to that, or it will get out of hand (like, let's
not go into passing whatever parameters in that search entry)

However, what we IMO could talk about is having a little "help"
button/icon in each row of the search results, for the case where
searching "foo" gives you some results, and you'd rather look them
up in help before applying them to your image.


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