Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

Hey everyone,

Thanks a lot Jehan. My opinions are almost the same as yours.
Tito is a cute internal/code name, but an action search dialog is what it
is now.

Here's something that'll hopefully clarify a couple of things:

Earlier, during the early development stages of 'tito', it was envisioned
to be literally all the things tabled above.
I actually wanted to build a whole thesaurus and give the ability to search
with synonyms ('scale' = 'resize', etc).
At some point, I think I did implement something to the effect of =>
5) in tito.
I wanted to do => new-layer | fill #aaa | text 100,100, 'foo'
But then I also wanted to dominate, conquer the world, etc.

At that point, learning and discovering were a mild side effect.
I did bring this up, and discuss this with Peter in IRC sometime back.
So yes, to a good extent I think I stirred up the cross cutting intentions,
feature muddle for tito.
Sorry.. G,D&R ;)

However, we have come a long way since then, and Jehan has helped pull this
Realistically, tito is what it is today. An action search dialog.
If necessary, we could call it something that also suggests you can
'invoke' the action, and not just 'search' for it.

Off the top of my head, here's a sample of my usage patterns:
I use the keyboard shortcuts for all select tools, new image, layer, save,
export, close, delete, etc, show guides, etc.
I use the action search for things like: 'blur', 'snap'ping to things,
'show'ing things, drop 'shadow', 'autocrop' image or layer, 'tile' filters,
etc (Where things inside ''s are the things I type in).

Srihari Sriraman -- ⌀ --

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