[Gimp-developer] Mailing lists & personal data


list administrator posting here.

I'd like to remind everyone that gimp-developer and gimp-user are
primarily mailing lists, that they are publicly archived and mirrored by
several archives outside of our control.

What you post here will be public, and it is going to stay public, for
the world to see, forever or at least as long as the internet and search
engines or their respective successors remain available.

What this means for personal data, like home phone numbers, home
addresses, and similar: the data is going to be public, is will remain
public, and there is nothing you can do about it.  Neither can we.

Make sure that no parts of your mail, especially the mail footers,
contain any information you do not want to be published. Forget about
those "The content of this message is confidential" footers.

There have been only very, very few cases so far when we asked the GNOME
mailing list administrators to prevent access to individual pages of the
archive - basically only when we mess up, approve some message from the
moderation queue that has this kind of data attached, and later feel
responsible for that. Despite all the people who tell us that the sender
should have thought about this.

But even in these cases, the data is retained, it is just masked behind
a HTTP 403 Forbidden error returned by the web server. And of course,
all the archives that mirror the mailing lists still show it.

If you read and post to this list via other means than a mail client -
for example a site that happens to present it like a forum, then please
not that even if you get the admin of that page to delete that one
embarrassing post you made, it will have propagated to these very same
archives already.

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