[Gimp-developer] Which Plug-ins Exactly Need to be Ported to GEGL

Hi all,

Happy new year.

I recently asked on #gimp on irc.gimp.org about how I can help with porting
plug-ins to GEGL, and there was this conversation (I am rindolf):


Dec 24 18:39:06 <rindolf>       Next: may I be assigned a plug-in to translate
to GEGL?

Dec 24 18:50:29 <drawoc>        rindolf: anyway, if you're looking to port gegl
operations, you might want to talk to teo. he's sort of spearheading that

Dec 24 18:51:15 <drawoc>
http://wiki.gimp.org/index.php/Hacking:Porting_filters_to_GEGL has the status
of porting different operations. you can probably just pick one that you like
and port it.

Dec 24 18:51:17 <Wilber>        Title: Hacking:Porting filters to GEGL - GIMP
Developer Wiki (at wiki.gimp.org)

Dec 24 18:51:33 <rindolf>       drawoc: OK.

Dec 24 18:51:41 <rindolf>       drawoc: thanks.

Dec 24 18:53:06 <drawoc>        also, I think that there's a group of students
working on Normalize, Color Enhance, Zealous-Crop, Color Exchange, Glass Tile,
Neon, Colorcube, Apply Canvas, Depth Merge, and Selective Gaussian Blur

Dec 24 18:53:27 <drawoc>        I'm not sure if that's listed in the wiki yet.

Dec 24 18:54:27 <drawoc>        rindolf: anyway, have fun hacking!

Dec 24 18:54:49 <rindolf>       drawoc: ah, OK.

Dec 24 19:12:49 <scl>   rindolf: if you have more info on that students
work and where to find it, please let us know. we update the wiki then.

Dec 24 19:13:22 <rindolf>       scl: I don't really.

Dec 24 19:13:51 <rindolf>       scl: I contributed to GIMP in the past (before
the transition to GEGL started), and am just joining now.

Dec 24 19:21:38 <drawoc>        scl: I'm the one who mentioned that student
work, and that list comes from the list of operations that bantu pasted on
#gegl a few days ago.


Can anyone provide more information?

BTW, the page in question -
http://wiki.gimp.org/index.php/Hacking:Porting_filters_to_GEGL - contains some
grammatical errors - «Read the plugin you want to port, understand the
algorithm hidden [behind] in it.» ;
«GEGL use[uses] a macro system called GEGL chant, that avoid you[that makes it
unnecessary for you] to write all the GObject boilerplate, and register
easily parameters for your op. Look other operation to see how it works. »
- etc. I'll try to register into the wiki and correct that.


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